Dear colleagues and friends,

Warm greetings for the holiday season!
We would also like to extend our warm congratulations to the newest members of the RCE family, who were all
approved as RCEs during the recent Ubuntu Committee of Peers for the RCEs November 2012 Meeting.
From Africa, we welcome: RCE Greater Pwani, RCE Greater Eastern Uganda, RCE Mutare, RCE Lusaka, and RCE
Buea. From the Asia-Pacific region, we welcome: RCE Inje, RCE Hohhot, and RCE Murray-Darling. From Europe, we
welcome: RCE Middle Albania, RCE Greater Manchester, RCE West Sweden, RCE North Sweden, RCE Euroregion
Tyrol, and RCE Scotland. And last but not least, from the Americas we welcome RCE Quebec.
Please join us in offering our congratulations and support to the newly formed RCEs!